Authors Letter
Dear Reader,
Until I was introduced to Oskar Schindler, in Steven Speilberg’s “Schindler’s List”, I had never been exposed to the personal side of the extraordinary human dilemma that was the Holocaust. This film inspired me to detail my childhood in Communist Cuba, an era filled with its own share of human dilemma. Although an admirer of Ernest Hemingway, to consider myself a literary man would be a gross overstatement and writing a book was beyond my wildest dreams. Yet I was blessed with a loving wife who gifted me with two sons, who have proven to be the greatest joy of my life. Naturally, I took a special interest in the childhoods of my boys and niece, Rebeca. I felt that life had granted me the opportunity to be a child again by making their early lives as special as could be. Along with the playful days spent under the sun, there was endless time spent storytelling. Without realizing it, their childhoods had prepared me to ultimately write my memoir.
It is my humble hope that you will find my writing enjoyable and revealing of a place and time that stood still in my heart and memories. I am eternally grateful for God’s grace in my life and for those of you who have shown interest in my story.
Eduardo Calcines